Everyone can handle heavy sacks with TAWI lifters
“Everyone can handle heavy sacks with TAWI lifters, increasing flexibility and ensuring that the production never stands still”.

Jonas Eriksson

Production manager

This is how Bakels Aromatic keep an optimal production flow. All day, every day.
As a manufacturer of bakery ingredients, Bakels Aromatic mix raw produce according to recipes by emptying sacks with ingredients into mixing tanks. The various mixes are used for bread, confetti and confectionary products and distributed to various segments in more than 120 countries. Every day, hundreds of sacks filled with bakery ingredients are lifted from pallets, transported to mixing tanks and emptied. To keep a consistent and optimal production flow Bakels Aromatic need lifting aids to save employee’s backs, arms and shoulders.

TAWI ergonomic vacuum lifters

It’s been several years since Bakels Aromatic decided to try a vacuum lifter from TAWI to help employees lift and empty heavy sacks. Since then the vacuum lifters have become a natural part of the production process and today the production site in Gothenburg has six TAWI vacuum systems at various work stations around their facility. The lifters are used all day, every day.

Production efficiency and workforce flexibility

With TAWI vacuum lifters the employees can handle several pallets of heavy sacks without straining their bodies or losing speed. “The lifters are necessary for us in our daily work, both to increase efficiency in the production and to improve the ergonomic health of the employees”, Jonas Eriksson, Production manager.

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