TAWI UK Vacuum lifters

TAWI UK vacuum lifters increase efficiency when manually handling goods. Our innovative vacuum lifters are designed to make lifting efficient, ergonomic and safe.


Why lift with vacuum?

TAWI UK Vacuum lifters use vacuum power to grip and lift the load. Vacuum technology offers sustainable, safe and efficient handling of almost all types of goods.

  • Ergonomic and safe for the operator.
  • Firm grip without damaging the goods.
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient lifting.
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TAWI UK vacuum lifters – for efficient, everyday lifting

TAWI UK vacuum lifters are robust and reliable tools that make lifting easy, for everyone.
No matter who you are or what you need to lift, TAWI UK vacuum lifters will make lifting easy and efficient.

Our vacuum lifters are always designed with the user in mind. The equipment is user-friendly and anyone will learn how to use them within minutes. An ergonomic handle helps ensure a good working position for the operator and is just as comfortable for right-handed and left-handed users.

Vacuum technology is ideal for secure lifting without risk of damage to the goods, or the person lifting them. Grip the load with suction cups designed specifically for your load. Whether you are lifting sacks, boxes, sheets or anything else, we offer a wide selection of suction feet and can modify them to meet your specific requests if needed.

TAWI UK vacuum lifters allow everyone to lift up to 270 kilos without effort. Giving everyone the power to lift increases workforce flexibility, making it easy for employees to switch between work stations. The lifters are extremely versatile, handling everything from simple boxes to complicated car components. Add a quick coupling attachment and you can easily use the same lifter for more than one application, switching between different tasks in no time. A flexible handle makes it easy to reach high without straining your back or shoulders. Flexible and efficient lifting for productive businesses.

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