Lifting parcels from conveyor to pallet

Conveyor to pallet

TAWI’s fast and flexible manual handling equipment allow you to grip and lift packages of varying weight and dimensions, moving them from conveyor to pallet in a time-efficient and ergonmic manner – safe for both operator and goods.

Packages being lifted with a vaccum lifter from conveyor to pallet at Postnord´s logistics centre

Flexible package handling for efficient logistic operations

As one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, the logistic industry is facing several challenges. The continued increase in online shopping offers great potential, but also puts pressure on faster and more reliable delivery of goods. The modern online shopper expects goods to be delivered swiftly and undamaged. Logistic centres need to speed up their processes, and at the same time improve dependability.

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Rapid lifting from conveyors

The growth in online shopping is increasing not only the volume, but also the variation of packages to be handled at logistic and distribution centres. Cartons of varying weight and dimensions, some covered in packaging tape others very permeable – all need to be handled quickly without damaging the carton.

Vacuum technology allows one single person to handle a large volume of packages, lifting and moving them without physical effort. The suction foot grips cartons and holds them safely throughout the movement, without leaving marks on the surface.

Thanks to its clever design, one TAWI suction foot can safely lift cartons of varying dimensions, allowing efficient sorting of packages.


Ergonomic and efficient

A constant stream of packages of varying dimensions and weight are quickly picked up from a conveyor and sorted onto pallets. A custom made overhead crane system allows the operator to move goods from conveyor to pallets in no time.

TAWI lifters are designed to favour an ergonomic working position which will save the operator from unnecessary pain and exhaustion and allow them to work efficiently for longer. The implementation of TAWI tools for manual handling of packaged goods from conveyor to pallet will enable a faster workflow, reduce the strain on employees, and minimise the risk of damaged products. An investment that will pay for itself in no time and effectively stop logistic and distribution centres from losing money on damaged goods and disrupted operations.

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