Jollyroom warehouse workers lifting packages using handheld vacuum lifters from TAWI

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Time and cost-efficient sorting at Jollyroom

Kameran Mala

Team Leader for Inbound at Jollyroom, Sweden

TAWI lifting equipment

TAWI lifting equipment enables businesses to move from manual handling to smart lifting solutions in production, logistics, and distribution where manual handling is part of daily operations. The TAWI brand stands for long term performance and a competitive total cost of ownership. A sustainable and trusted brand to both customers and their employees.

Swedish innovation

Piab’s TAWI office in Kungsbacka, Sweden is home to a dedicated staff, including everything from product development to production. Our team of experienced engineers design lifting solutions customised for your business’ needs. Their innovations are realised in the lifting equipment put together by skilled TAWI technicians, securing optimal quality and short lead times.

TAWI products are distributed through a worldwide network of distributors, and Piab offices in the US and Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and China.

Service and support

TAWI is there for businesses that wants to improve the working conditions for its employees, and at the same time increase productivity and workforce flexibility. When you invest in TAWI lifting solutions, our service and support team will ensure that the equipment never fails you. Choosing TAWI means that you get Swedish quality and reliability, in product, service and support. We offer a complete range of smart lifting solutions used in everything from very specific manufacturing processes to the high-speed parcel handling at busy distribution centres.

Complete supplier

TAWI lifting equipment handles everything from boxes and sacks, to cheese and windshields. We can turn, tilt and rotate heavy barrels, large panels and much more. TAWI lifting solutions include vacuum lifters for various types of loads, unique mobile vacuum lifting solutions, lifting trolleys or electric stackers, different types of hoists, and a wide range of crane systems. This means that TAWI equipment cover all your lifting needs. Download our product brochure here.

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TAWI lifting solutions are used successfully in various industries all over the world. We customize our lifting equipment to meet the requirements of your industry. Want to see what we can do for your business?

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