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Chemical processing

Attempting to increase both safety and efficiency in connection with processing chemical products and ingredients is challenging. One must reduce the amount of manual lifting and moving without introducing equipment that could endanger the product by contamination. TAWI products and solutions are designed to meet this challenge – and to help you achieve maximum ergonomics and safety while increasing productivity in the process.

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Balance without sacrifice

The materials used in the chemical industry usually reach the factory in paper or plastic sacks and bags (sometimes in barrel or jugs). The size and fragility of these package types presents a range of handling challenges. Often quite heavy and easily torn, these bags and sacks are difficult to lift and manipulate in an ergonomic fashion. Lifting these heavy bags and holding them while opening and emptying the contents can even be challenging for two people working together and carries a high risk of product contamination.

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With a TAWI vacuum lifter, however, a single person can do the work of two or more, lifting bags of up to 80 kg. with minimal effort or risk of contamination. This reduces both the risk of work-related injuries and damage to your products. A single employee can take the bag from pallet to mixing container, emptying and mixing ingredients without losing the suction from the vacuum lifting head, in record time. Improving the speed and efficiency of the processing workflow, decreasing the risk of contamination or explosion, and saving time and money in the process.

TAWIs vacuum lifter solutions are available in stainless steel iterations which are ideal for clean room environments or any processing areas involving dangerous or volatile raw ingredients and bulk materials. Our solutions are also ideal for demanding environments that must meet FDA or EU standards and we provide a range of customized solutions that are ATEX ready or can be easily configured to be so. With the use of our remotely installed power pack, for example, TAWI vacuum lifters can be installed in even the most sensitive hazardous or flammable areas where ATEX certification is required. Our vacuums motors can be adapted to be explosion proof and also certified safe for use in these areas.

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