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Chemical palletizing

In the chemical industry, special care must be given to the packing or palletising of any product or ingredient. Any damage to chemical bags or sacks could expose the materials, potentially rendering them useless or posing serious health risks to employees and the environment. In addition, chemical products are often highly combustible, making the handling of these products even more risky.

Stainless vacuum lifter lifting a ATEX container

Maximum efficiency - maximum safety

In the past, palletizing has usually been a manual and very labour-intensive process. This has resulted in frequent repetitive stress injuries, downtimes, and damage to products or ingredients. A TAWI system, with our vacuum lifters, clean room products, and ATEX certified solutions, enables a huge range of packaging types and even the most flammable or sensitive ingredients to be safely and efficiently packed or palletized.

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TAWI solutions can be specially adapted to almost any physical environment, reducing delivery times, lowering costs, and providing a safer working environment.

TAWI stainless steel lifter and trolleys and our ATEX certified solutions ensure ergonomic and safe moving and palletizing of any chemical product, are easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to use.

With a TAWI vacuum lifting solution, any employee can quickly and safely pack or palletise even the heaviest of boxes or containers with no damage to the product or its contents. This means more efficient packing or palletizing and greater workplace diversity and flexibility. You get maximum efficiency with none of the risk or injury that often accompany the repetitive lifting, stacking, and moving of bags or boxes onto pallets. Optimum lifting from every employee, all day and every day, and an optimum lift to your bottom line.

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