Chemical industry lifting

Lifting in Chemical

Moving and handling potentially hazardous or flammable chemical products requires equipment that is extremely accurate, reliable, and hygienic. TAWI has you covered

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Solutions for safe handling of chemicals

Illustration of chemical industry workflow
Filling and weighing

This step of the process, often taking place in a clean room or ATEX area, puts high demands on equipment that is safe and easy to keep clean. TAWI offers complete solutions for safe and efficient lifting in hazardous environments and restricted areas.

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lifting in cleanroom
Chemical processing

Increasing both safety and efficiency in the processing of chemical products is challenging. TAWI offers several lifting systems designed to meet this challenge.

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lifting chemicals for processing
Chemical palletizing

With TAWI’s line of vacuum lifting equipment, you can efficiently pack or palletize even the most sensitive chemical product, with no risk of danger or damage – and increase your productivity in the process.

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palletizing in chemical industry
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TAWI solutions for the chemical industry

We have lengthy experience in dealing with all types of chemical or other sensitive materials and can provide equipment and comprehensive lifting solutions that meet or exceed the exacting quality and safety standards that regulate these industries. With a lifting solution from TAWI, you can minimize the possibility of accidents, contamination or exposure to toxic material, and run your operations profitably and safely.

Working with chemical products means working with potentially hazardous or flammable materials, materials that if improperly handled can result in extremely negative consequences.  Safety and reliability are not just desired, they are critical – both to your employees and your business. TAWI’s line of vacuum lifters and trolley lifting solutions help you ensure maximum safety for your co-workers and your products as well as maximum efficiency for your moving and handling operations.

A true total solution

Unlike most competitors, TAWI provides both vacuum and trolley solutions and offers a range of adaptations to ensure that you can handle any lifting or moving challenge with safety and ease – and increase productivity while doing so. Our stainless-steel vacuum lifters and trolley lifters provide the ideal lifting equipment for the clean rooms or other meticulously controlled environments required when handling chemical materials. In addition, TAWI’s industry-leading ATEX-ready solutions are ideal for even the most challenging flammable or explosive environments.  TAWI can provide products for every step of your chemical lifting and handling system, with solutions to meet the potential challenges inherent in each stage of your operations.

Not One Size Fits All

TAWI’s expert consultants will help guide you in setting up a customized solution designed for your specific needs and your specific company. With TAWI you can rest assured that your investment is focused on your real-life demands, with as much or as little equipment as you need to get the job done, allowing you to be up and running in no time and to expand your system as your needs evolve.

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