Lifting Trolley for pharma PRO100MESE

Ampliqon uses ergonomic vacuum lifting solution

With TAWI customized solutions, now we can mix heavy products effectively in a tight space

Lifting Trolley for pharma PRO100MESE
The electric gripping mechanism is remote-controlled and can rotate 360°. This option for rotation allows us to effectively mix our bottles without putting a strain on our employees.

Carsten Mamsen Jessen

Molecular Biologist

Lifting heavy bottles in biotech manufacturing

Ampliqon is a Danish manufacturer of high-quality enzymes and laboratory reagents widely used in hospitals, universities, research institutions and life-science industries worldwide. The manufacturing facility in Odense demands the strictest hygiene, and bottled products are sterilised using high-pressure steam in a process called autoclaving. They were seeking a vacuum lifting solution to streamline their operations and aide manual handling processes.

Effortless loading, lifting and mixing

Typically, 1, 5 and 10 litres glass bottles are loaded manually into the autoclave for sterilisation – anything bigger is too heavy. Ampliqon sought a solution to help load the larger bottles, which could ideally enable the company to increase the bottle size to 30 litres.

Some products also require mixing in the bottles, which was done manually. The perfect solution would enable Ampliqon to mix products in large bottles automatically.

Bigger batches, but no strain on our employees

“TAWI’s mobile electric lifter allows us to easily pick up bottles and move them between stations, while the gripping mechanism enabled an increase in bottle size up to 30 litres, thereby increasing our batch size,” Carsten Mamsen Jessen (Molecular Biologist)

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Furthermore, we also have more customized solutions for the pharma and Biomedical industry.

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