Mobile Vacuum Lifter

Using our mobile vacuum lifters you can achieve the lifting and handling of goods easily and efficiently whilst maintaining the safety of the operator.

lifting boxes with mobile order picker

Cost & time efficient order picking

Quick start up, user-friendly functions and innovative features makes it possible for operators to pick up orders with increased speed and safety. Anyone can use the TAWI mobile order picker and thereby anyone can also lift heavy goods, regardless of stature. This provides your business with complete flexibility to optimise resources and minimise downtime.

Regardless of stature, any user can operate our equipment, giving them the ability to lift heavy goods of almost any shape. This flexibility will ensure your business can optimise its resources and minimise any downtime.

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Many companies struggle with finding solutions for order picking in the warehouse. Goods can often be heavy or awkward shapes which requires a lifting device that is both easy to use and flexible in its approach, and that’s where TAWI can help.

Reaching all items on a pallet can be cumbersome. Finding a device that can reach from the top to the bottom and from the inner and outer corners is key. Now, with our latest innovation we make this possible. Introducing the TAWI low built order picking device.

Our compact order picker can be used in conjunction with any fork lift or pallet truck meaning there’s no need to purchase replacement equipment!

The unit can easily move goods to their destination, placing them directly onto pallets where required. It can even be used in a container for loading and unloading products either as a standalone unit or attached to a forklift. Mobility, speed and efficiency, made easy.

Mobile order picker with easy reach tool lifting boxes from pallet rack

Complete Flexibility

Our mobile vacuum lifters improve time and cost efficiency when order picking.

We know that boxes and other products can come in all shapes and sizes and can be packaged in various different ways. Finding a single system to handle all of these situations can be a challenge, but the TAWI mobile order picker makes it possible.

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