Unloading containers with mobile vacuum lifter

Container and truck unloading

An efficient vacuum lifting solution for unloading containers or trucks will save your business time and money while maintaining employee welfare and flexibility.

Operator unloading a container using a mobile vacuum lifter

Unloading Containers The Smart Way

Unloading boxes from containers? Give your staff the ability to reach every box easily, from the top of the container to the very bottom. Lift ergonomically and increase efficiency. Handling heavy or awkward items such as large sacks or car tyres? No problem!

Our mobile vacuum lifters allow everyone to lift and handle heavy goods. Lifting 80kg will seem effortless!

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We know that unloading containers or trucks filled with sacks, boxes or other goods can be challenging. Efficiency is key whilst maintaining operators’ health and flexibility.

Manually unloading goods can be strenuous. Using efficient vacuum lifting solutions for unloading containers will save your business time and money while maintaining employee well-being and minimising downtime.

Our innovative solution, our mobile vacuum lifting device, allows all operators to reach all goods in a container, from top to bottom.

The user-friendly lifter can be picked up and transported with any forklift or truck. The innovative technology ensures efficient lifting. Give your workforce complete flexibility and maintain health and well-being within your workplace.

Unloading a container/truck using a mobile vacuum lifter from TAWI

Effortless lifting

Using a vacuum lifter ensures the safety and well-being for the operator whilst improving efficiency and protecting the goods.

With vacuum lifting technology, you can lift, transport, grip and lower goods using only one hand with no physical risk!

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