Increase productivity with a flexible workforce

August 8, 2018
How workforce flexibility can boost productivity in your business

In a workplace where everyone can handle heavy lifting or difficult manoeuvring of goods, employees are equal, empowered, and productive. Workforce flexibility, allowing employees to rotate between work stations, clearly helps increase productivity. Swedish innovation company TAWI develop and manufacture lifting equipment that enables everyone to lift, facilitating workforce diversity and flexibility, which results in increased productivity.


Lift easy with user-friendly equipment

TAWI lifters are designed to facilitate ergonomic and efficient lifting, without slowing down the process. The equipment is so easy to use, all employees will learn how within a minute. User-friendly equipment further facilitates workforce flexibility, making it easy for employees to switch from one work station to another. The lifters make manual handling of goods effortless, saving workers’ energy and keeping them alert and efficient for longer.

If your production line depends on one person to lift those heavy bags of ingredients to the mixer, or load new rolls onto the packing machine, production will be very vulnerable. To increase productivity, it should be so easy to lift, everyone in the team can do it.



Workforce flexibility means that anyone can help where needed and productivity is not dependent on specific individuals. Implementing equipment for easy lifting will allow you to employ a more diverse workforce, because no matter how big or small, everyone can lift.


Increase productivity through diversity and flexibility

A diverse workforce means that you have different types of people, all contributing with different types of experiences and skills. Research shows that diversity can boost employee engagement, job satisfaction, and performance. A diverse workforce is likely to be better at problem solving compared to a more homogenous group, a competitive advantage with potentially great impact.


Workforce flexibility and diversity is an important step towards increased productivity. Follow TAWI for more insights on how to increase productivity in your business. Or learn more about TAWI lifters here.

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