Vacuum technology for optimal safety in the American food industry.

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Clean, safe and efficient lifting

TAWI’s Stainless steel vacuum lifters are ideally suited for clean rooms and other demanding clinical environments.

Trustworthy and reliable

Handling food and food products requires the highest level of sanitation and quality as well as a secure, yet delicate, touch. TAWI’s stainless steel vacuum lifters are perfectly suited for these demanding environments.

More than anything, the food industry is based on trust. Consumers must be able to trust that no unwelcome or harmful substances make their way into their food. Breaking this trust can cause public scandals, decertification, and damage to the manufacturing company’s reputation and value. In turn, it is vital that the food industry can lift and handle products in a way that meets these demands.

Flexible and profitable

Food products come in many packaging forms, from boxes and cartons to bags, sacks, rolls, tubes, and more. Handling this diverse range of packaging in a safe and secure fashion is a constant challenge. With TAWI’s stainless steel lifters, you can meet that challenge, lifting almost any type of surface or dimension, safely and hygienically. TAWI vacuum lifting systems can handle plastic, paper and jute bags, boxes and cartons, drums, kegs, and barrels, as well as crates of all types.

Vacuum lifting removes the risk of careless accidents or workplace injuries caused by heavy or repetitive lifting, creating a safer, more efficient work environment. In addition, with a TAWI vacuum lifter, any operator, regardless of size or strength, can have precise and weightless control of even the heaviest, most cumbersome bag or sack, making it easier to achieve workplace diversity. Another challenge met! And, as icing on the cake, the increase in productivity and efficiency provided by the TAWI system, along with reductions in workplace injury claims and downtime, mean that our lifters pay for themselves in almost no time at all.

Built to last

TAWI stainless steel vacuum lifters meet the highest clinical standards and have been carefully designed to reflect the requirements of operations where sanitation and product integrity is in focus. Our stainless steel lifters can also easily withstand the aggressive cleaning processes required in food handling and production and are ideal for any clean process application.

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