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TAWI lifting equipment - progressive and innovative solutions for efficient lifting

Since 1923, we have helped businesses worldwide streamline their manual handling of goods. TAWI strives to be the most trusted partner for lifting solutions by strengthening the workforce, increasing flexibility and securing continuous productivity in businesses.

Located in a small town on the west coast of Sweden called Kungsbacka, the TAWI headquarters is home to a committed staff, including everything from product development to production. Our team of experienced engineers design lifting solutions customized for your business needs. Cutting edge designs in lifting equipment are put together by skilled technicians, securing maximum quality and short lead times.

Outstanding customer support is guaranteed when purchasing from TAWI.  Our skilled team will assure that the equipment never fails you. Purchasing TAWI lifting equipment means that you get the best quality and dependable product, service and support. We offer a wide selection of lifting solutions for everything from the food industry to the automotive industry.

Our lifting equipment handles everything from boxes and rolls, to raw meat and car tires. We can turn, tilt and rotate heavy pails, large sheets and much more. Our solutions include vacuum lifters, hoists, crane systems and mobile lifters. TAWI covers all your lifting equipment needs. Experience the benefits of using one complete supplier by contacting us today.

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