Lifting metal profiles

Need to lift metal profiles or rails? Lift smarter with ergonomic TAWI UK lifters, handling all types of metal profiles.

  • Heavy lifting made easy.
  • Ergonomic handling of difficult goods.
  • Full flexibility with complete systems.
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Handling metal or steel profiles with ease and efficiency

Need to lift metal profiles? Lift with precision and control, ensuring a safe and efficient workflow.

Hoist lift for metal profiles
Speed up manual handling of metal profiles with a rapid wire hoist, lifting at up to 0,75 m/s. A wide selection of tools offer several ways of holding the profiles, and tools can be adapted to meet your specific needs. The hoist lifts with speed and precision, streamlining manual handling in any metal industry. The ergonomic handle gives the operator full control of the load, easily adjusting lifting speed with just one hand.

Flexibility and mobility
Suspend the lifter in a stationary or mobile crane system, depending on how far you need to move your load.

TAWI UK crane systems offer customised solutions, built with you in mind and easily integrated in your operations. With a crane system built for your facilities you receive optimal mobility and freedom to move your load anywhere you need it.


Efficient lifting
TAWI UK systems for manual handling of metal profiles make lifting easy, for everyone. When anyone can handle heavy and unusually shaped metal profiles, you get a more flexible workforce, reducing the risk of unnecessary downtime. TAWI UK lifters speed up manual handling and reduce the strain on employees, securing an ergonomic work environment and productive workflow.

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