Lifting and handling batteries is easy

Need to lift batteries? TAWI UK lifters make manual handling of batteries and other heavy components efficient and ergonomic.

  • Lift heavy items with minimal effort.
  • Handle batteries efficiently, ergonomically and safely.
  • Optimise workflow with flexible lifting.
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How to handle batteries and other heavy components

Speed up productivity by reducing the strain of heavy lifting. No matter how large or heavy your batteries are, TAWI UK battery lifting devices will make lifting easy, ergonomic and efficient.

Loading or unloading batteries
Need to load or unload batteries? A TAWI UK vacuum lifter easily grips and lifts batteries using the reliable and sustainable power of vacuum. With TAWI VacuEasylift, anyone can handle loads up to 270 kg without effort. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to control the load with fingertip precision. Using a vacuum lifter, you can easily load or unload several pallets of heavy batteries without causing strain or fatigue.

Batteries in the assembly line
Lifting and fitting batteries in the assembly line? A battery lifting device or hoist mounted in a crane system above the assembly line will help streamline the process. Quickly grip a battery with the vacuum lifter and safely place in an exact position.

The ergonomic handle gives the operator full control when picking up and releasing the load. Our hoist can be equipped with a gripping tool customised for your batteries, for exact and effortless lifting.

Need to move from the assembly line? TAWI Lifting Trolleys let you move batteries as far as you need. The electric trolley can be equipped with a platform or gripping tool to safely hold the batteries during transport.

Power to your people
Power up employees with the right lifting tools to increase efficiency in your business. Giving everyone in the production line the ability to handle heavy components increases productivity and flexibility in your workforce.

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