TAWI UK Vacuum gripper

A pneumatic vacuum gripper easily grips big sheets using the power of vacuum. The vacuum then holds the sheet safely whilst you move, lift, tilt or rotate the load.


Get a grip - use vacuum!

TAWI UK vacuum grippers let you handle large sheets of wood, metal, glass etc. with minimal effort and optimal precision.

  • 180-degree tilt and rotation.
  • Compact, low weight tool for large, heavy loads.
  • Efficient and effortless sheet handling.
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Vacuum gripping systems - efficient sheet handling

Increase your productivity and lower operating costs with a reliable and user-friendly vacuum gripper.
Lift, tilt and rotate sheets with minimal effort and maximal precision.

TAWI UK vacuum grippers make sheet handling easy and efficient, gripping sheets of metal, wood, glass or plastic and lifting up to 500 kg with minimal effort. A user-friendly control board and innovative light-weight design makes the tool easy to use and ensures an ergonomic work position for the operator.

This pneumatic vacuum gripper will allow one person to lift sheets that would normally require at least two people. Regardless of stature, everyone can lift with TAWI UK vacuum grippers. Giving every employee the power to lift heavy sheets will increase workforce flexibility and productivity. The ergonomic hand control ensures a safe working position, protecting the operator from straining their back or shoulders.

Our vacuum gripping systems are available with a pneumatic or electric vacuum source. The system is easy to integrate into daily work, ideal for many types of industries and for applications throughout the production line, handling various material such as wood, glass and sheet metal. Effortless lifting and tilting of heavy sheets will help streamline manual handling, and save employees from strenuous lifting.

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