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Everyone can handle heavy sacks with TAWI vacuum lifters, which increases flexibility and makes sure the production never stands still.

Jonas Eriksson

Production manager, Bakels Aromatic, Sweden

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TAWI UK- Providing lifting solutions for all industries!

TAWI UK lift systems are designed to help with all manual handling problems. We look to make lifting easy, no matter what the item!

At TAWI UK, we develop our equipment with a focus on the user. Using our lift systems means you can reduce strain on your shoulders, back and knees. And the best part is they’re so easy to use! The design of our lifters means that any operator can quickly become familiar on the best usage practices, meaning you can start increasing productivity straight away!

We understand that high frequency lifting is a major concern.  When it comes to solving this problem, our lift systems are the perfect solution.  But they’re also ideal for precision lifting! Many of our customers have an environment that requires a high level of accuracy when handling their goods, and that’s where our lifters come into their own.  With a TAWI UK lifter, we can ensure that your goods are handled, moved and placed wherever you require them, accurately, every time.

TAWI UK can also help with the manual handling of goods on the move! With our Mobile Order Picker and our Lifting Trolleys we have a solution for every manual handling problem. And here’s the best part… TAWI UK lift systems can be integrated into your current workflow!  Our crane systems can be custom made to meet your specific needs and will fit seamlessly into your current work environment.  Our vacuum lifters will increase productivity almost immediately. And with our mobile TAWI Lifting Trolleys allowing you to lift and move goods, you’ll find an efficient workplace is not far away.

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