The UK mechanical industries require a perfect combination of power and finesse. That’s where TAWI UK can help!

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TAWI UK solutions for the mechanical industries

TAWI UK vacuum lifters are bringing increased productivity and safety to a wide range of mechanical lifting applications, from lifting sheet metal and concrete slabs to moving sensitive electronic components and construction supplies.

Safe, accurate, and powerful

Vacuum lifting equipment from TAWI UK optimises your workflow and keeps your employees safe from the harm or injury that arises from heavy lifting and repetitive movement. We offer a wide range of lifting equipment for use by manufacturers, builders, contractors or any industry with the need to lift and move heavy or sensitive material.

Modern solutions for a modern world

In the construction industry, ropes, chains or slings have long been used for lifting sheet metal or moving large pipes and concrete slabs. In the electronics industry, moving or recycling larger and larger television screens or other delicate products has required a combination of heavy lifting and careful positioning, often resulting in damage to the products or employees.

More and more, these industries are turning to vacuum-lifting technology as a faster and safer alternative and for the numerous benefits over conventional handling operations they provide. Vacuum lifters from TAWI UK can improve worksite productivity and, more importantly, keep products and workers safe from harm. TAWI UK solutions cover a vast range of electronic devices from televisions, computer screens, computer parts and discarded hardware and components to sheet metal, doors, and concrete slabs.


From concrete blocks to television screens

TAWI UK’s quick-connect couplers readily attach to most any surfaces and ensure a powerful grip, unlike slings and chains, which can shift or loosen, endangering employees and products alike. All TAWI UK solutions have a compact overall footprint and are highly customisable, making them particularly suited for use in congested workspaces or other tight spaces. Whether lifting sheet metal or moving television screens, with a vacuum lifter from TAWI UK, you can put the material where it needs to be in no time flat.

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