People in with clothes and hairnet lifting sacks using vacuum lifter in industry local Lifting plastic sack with multifunctional vacuum lifter Lifting plastic sack with handhold multifunctional vacuum lifter

Plastic sacks

TAWI offers a wide range of vacuum lifting products that allow you to lift and move plastic sacks without risk of damaging the sack or hurting yourself.

  • Eliminates heavy, repetitive lifting.
  • Steady grip provides secure and reliable lifting.
  • Strong ROI – systems pay for themselves.

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Lifting and moving plastic sack using handheld vacuum lifter

Multifunctional lifter

Multifunctional lifter

This versatile vacuum lifter is our most flexible lifting tool, handling goods of all shapes and sizes easy and efficiently for loads <270 kg.

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Order picking with vacuum lifter attached on forklift

Order picker

Order picker

Mobile vacuum lifter for efficient order picking and logistic handling. For loads <80 kg.

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Stainless steel vacuum lifter lifting bags

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel vacuum lifters. For loads <120 kg.

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Mobile container unloading in a warehouse

TAWI Container Unloader

TAWI Container Unloader

Versatile lifting solution that combine the high frequency vacuum lifter capabilities with a mobile lifting solution for containers loading and unloading.

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Lifting plastic sacks with minimal effort

Plastic sacks often have varying types of surfaces and dimensions. This gives an awkward grip and makes handling these objects a challenge. Our lifters help you overcome that challenge, and they pay for themselves in very little time by reducing workplace injury claims and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Safe plastic sack lifting

The increased risk of injury that comes with manually handling plastic sacks can also lead to increased insurance costs and lowered productivity. TAWI’s vacuum sack handler units enable you to lift most types of air tight plastic sacks and bags in a safe, efficient, and more cost-effective manner – all day, every day, without the backbreaking effort involved in repetitive manual handling. Read more about safe sack handling in the food industry here.

With a TAWI vacuum lifter, operations that previously required multiple employees can be easily managed by a single employee in less time, with less effort, and less risk.

Flexibility is strength

All TAWI vacuum lifting solutions can be customized to your operational needs, and to fit with your specific locale or budget. The vacuum pump that powers the system can be placed up to 30 metres from the actual lifting point, the lifting tube swivels to enable a full 360 degrees of operation, and lifters can also be configured in stainless steel for facilities with sanitary restrictions.

Scandinavian design for a more efficient process

All of our vacuum lifters meet the highest standards and have been carefully designed to reflect the requirements of real life operations. The suction feet are equipped with a rubber skirt to compensate for any air leakage when handling porous packaging material and the suction foot holds the load securely in place until it has reached the floor. This is true even if power is lost, thanks to a safety valve that shuts down the equipment and lowers the load gently and under complete control.

With TAWI’s vacuum lifters, all operators have precise and weightless control of even the heaviest, most cumbersome bag or sack. This makes it is easier to achieve workplace diversity, since all workers can lift the same loads, removing physical limitations of size or strength.

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