Order picking made easy

With an efficient stock picker you can speed up the manual handling of stock and improve ergonomics, saving valuable time and money. A win-win for both business and employee.

  • Vacuum lifter with full mobility.
  • Easily attached to any forklift.
  • Integrated pump/battery.
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Efficient workflow with mobile order picking

Stock pickers need to be quick, versatile and reliable. TAWI vacuum lifters handle all types of goods and allow effortless lifting with optimal mobility.

Mobile stock picker
TAWI Mobile Order Picker is an innovative solution for efficient order picking and logistic handling. Simply attach the unit to any forklift or truck and you can easily move it anywhere you need to go. An articulated jib arm provides great range of motion so that you can pick stock with optimal reach. Pick stock onto pallet and move the pallet with you as you safely drive the truck or forklift to the next station. The vacuum lifter allows you to lift goods up to 80 kilos effortless and ergonomic. So easy to use anyone will master it within minutes.

Safety first
Stock picking in a busy warehouse offers a number of challenges, including worker safety. TAWI offers a solution that is not only efficient but also safe for both workers and goods. Support legs are automatically activated when you start the vacuum pump, ensuring that the unit is stable throughout the lift.

A safety lock on the articulating arm makes sure the arm cannot move when the unit is in motion, but is automatically released when you start the pump.
The user-friendly design ensures that operators can always lift safe and ergonomic, saving them from straining backs, shoulders and knees through repetitive or heavy lifting.

Saving time, money, and effort
An efficient stock picker will save time in any warehouse or logistic centre. TAWI Mobile Order Picker will save time and money by streamlining the workflow and help employees speed up their work without increasing their workload. Simply put, the TAWI way of lifting allows you to do more in less time, with less effort. Efficient order picking, good for both businesses and people.

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