Man lifting window with handhold vacuum yoke sheet gripper lifting windows with vacuum lifter Man gripping and lifting big metal sheet using a handhold vacuum lifter system glass panels lifted by vacuum gripper on hoist lifting glass sheets wtih vacuum

Secure tilting of glass and windows

TAWI offers a wide range of vacuum lifting products to enable the lifting and movement of glass sheets without risk to employees or the product.

  • Maximum lift, minimal effort.
  • Steady grip ensures safe and reliable lifting.
  • Range of movement for highest accuracy and flexibility.

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Man lifting window with vacuum yoke sheet gripper

Sheet gripper

Sheet gripper

TAWI Sheet gripper is compact, low-weight, and easy to adjust to new applications and situations. For loads <500 kg.

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Man lifting large sheet of wood using vacuum lifter

Multifunctional lifter

Multifunctional lifter

This versatile vacuum lifter is our most flexible lifting tool, handling goods of all shapes and sizes, easy and efficient. For loads <270 kg.

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Ergonomic lifting of glass and windows

A TAWI vacuum lifter can lift, tilt and rotate sheets of glass or windows, providing safe and ergonomic lifting for these delicate products. Able to move glass sheets up to 500 kg or more horizontally and up to 250 kg vertically, the TAWI vacuum gripper makes light work of this strenuous lifting.

Positioning of large sheets in assembly situations

Lifting and positioning sheet glass and windows requires delicate precision and strength. With a TAWI vacuum gripper lifting solution, even the smallest employee can easily manage large sheet glass and windows ergonomically, easily, and safely. The vacuum gripper is commonly used to grip and lift windows and sheets of glass and to position them for assembly.

Smart, Safe, Scandinavian design

TAWI vacuum grippers have a light weight design with a twin chamber vacuum system, a two-handed release, and a user-friendly control board. This provides a safe release function and visual control of the vacuum level. Both vacuum source and tilt unit are electrically powered and require no compressed air.

The TAWI vacuum gripper picks the window up from a vertical position, and it can then be tilted to horizontal position for assembly work or further positioning.

For production lines with several working stations, a separate crane bridge can be installed for each station, with no limit to the length of the gantry.

Save time and increase profit

A TAWI vacuum lifter solution helps lift and manipulate heavy and delicate materials without excessive strain to the user or damage to the product. The increased lifting capacity and reduced downtime between lifts provides a boost to productivity in addition to reducing workplace injuries.

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