stacking boxes on pallet with flexible vacuum lifter stacking boxes on pallet with flexible vacuum lifter stacking boxes high on pallet with vacuum lifter woman lifting box above shoulder height with vacuum lifter lifting boxes from the top with vacuum lifter lifting boxes with vacuum lifter lifting boxes with vacuum lifter

Lift your boxes above shoulder height

TAWI offers a wide range of vacuum lifting products to make lifting boxes above shoulder level as safe and easy as possible.

  • Effortless lifting above shoulder level.
  • Accurate, secure grip and positioning.
  • One-handed box handling for optimal movement.

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Vacuum lifter gripping box

Multifunctional lifter

Multifunctional lifter

This versatile vacuum lifter is our most flexible lifting tool, handling goods of all shapes and sizes, easy and efficient. For loads <270 kg.

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Lifting boxes above shoulder height using flexible vacuum lifter
Stacking boxes on pallet
“We have many lifting operations over shoulder height and we stack cardboard boxes up to 2,6 meters in height. These kinds of routine lifting operations affect the body in the long term and could lead to work-related injuries."

Susan Betzer

Packing employee and work environment representative, RPC Superfos, Denmark

Extend your reach – and your efficiency

Lifting or moving boxes above shoulder height manually can put great stress on the back, shoulders, and arms. More stress equals more injuries, which results in decreased efficiency and increased costs. With TAWI vacuum lifters, lifting above shoulder height is both effortless and safe, enabling a more efficient and economic operation.

TAWI vacuum lifters enable even the shortest of employees to lift boxes faster and more securely even at inconvenient heights, resulting in a smarter, more productive workflow. TAWI’s vacuum lifters protect both materials and employees, and can be customized to suit your workflow or physical requirements. With a TAWI vacuum lifting system, you maximize performance and minimize workplace injuries – win -win.

Intelligent design for intelligent lifting

Our TAWI Multifunctional lifter  comes with an extended, flexible handle, making easy work of reaching boxes with a lifting surface above shoulder height. A small guide helps position the suction foot correctly on top of the boxes, and the clever overhead track system ensures that vacuum tubes are kept free from operational areas.

Consider the TAWI Multifunctional lifter as the perfect combination of human intelligence and technological power. TAWI Multifunctional lifter allows higher handling of boxes up to 120 kg, using a single handle to lift, lower and release the load, enabling a single employee to do what was previously a two-man job.

In addition, a TAWI lifter requires a minimum amount of training, enabling users to get up and running within minutes.

Reach new logistical heights!

No two loading operations are identical. That’s why we have made TAWI lifters to be as flexible as possible, allowing customization to suit your specific needs. TAWI vacuum lifters can be installed in either stationary or mobile crane systems, tailored to your facilities, and integrated in your existing workflow.

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