Yusen Logistics - TAWI Container Unloader

Yusen Logistics Container Unloader

Looking at the entire year, unloading 520 containers a year (average of 2 a day) means Yusen Logistics will save £57,828 per year.

Yusen Logistics - TAWI Container Unloader

The Container Unloader will be a significant benefit to help us reach our targets in the future.

Stephen Cletheroe

Site Manager, Yusen Logistics, Wellingborough

Lifting solutions for Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics is a global supply chain logistics partner

Yusen is operating 631 distribution centres in 47 countries with over 25,000 employees.

An important part of warehouse operations is unloading containers, which is labour-intensive and time-consuming process. Employees that manually lift items from a container are also at risk for accidents and injuries.

Stephen Cletheroe, Site Manager at Yusen’s Wellingborough site, said, “We wanted something more flexible and an efficient solution, as well as looking after the well-being of our staff.”

Now, Yusen has five vacuum lifters installed that are designed for their specific lifting needs. Yusen is also interested in improving their container unloading process, so they have started using TAWI’s Container Unloader. This future-proof solution is completely mobile, modular and adaptable to suit specific operational requirements.

The Container Unloader has three parts: a vacuum lifter, an adjustable platform, and a conveyor.

The attached vacuum lifter supports high-speed box lifting up to 50 kg. The patented lift tube is designed for tight spaces, optimal in a truck or shipping container.

The operator stands on an adjustable platform that can be raised and lowered from the easy-to-use control panel allowing them to reach top-level boxes.

Employees can easily unload to a pallet or conveyor because the operator no longer has to support the weight of the load. The conveyor’s height is also adjustable allowing for optimal unloading. When finished unloading, the Container Unloader can easily manoeuvred from site to site.

Yusen Logistics can save £57,828 per year when the use the Container Unloader to unload an average of 2 containers per day.

TAWI’s Container Unloader, has created a more efficient workflow for unloading containers and a safer workplace for their Yusen’s employees. Stephen Cletheroe, Site Manager at Yusen’s Wellingborough site, said, “The Container Unloader will be a big benefit to help us reach our targets in the future.”

Prior to the Container Unloader Yusen had 5 operators unloading a container. This process took 20 man hours and cost £400. With the addition of the Container Unloader, the operators needed are reduced to 3, taking only 13 man hours, and costing £206. This means that the Container Unloader saves them £111 per container. Looking at the entire year, Yusen Logistics can save £57,828 when they unload 520 containers a year. Also, any operator can now take on the task, which increases diversity and inclusion.

Yusen uses the unit as a multi-purpose asset, opting to purchase the equipment and move the unit from site to site. Also, TAWI is now supporting another container unloading opportunity within Yusen. This is something we are very excited to work on.

Yusen Logistics

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