Yusen Logistics - Supply Chain Partner

Yusen Logistics

Supply chain and transportation partner Yusen Logistics turned to TAWI to improve employee satisfaction and ROI.

Yusen Logistics - Supply Chain Partner
TAWI's vacuum lifting equipment has removed 100% of the lift and has completely streamlined the process. In a timed experiment, the vacuum lifters are 20% more efficient, requiring 30% less labour.

Rob Hamborg,

UK Site Manager for Yusen Logistics states,

Lifting solutions for Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics is a global supply chain and transportation partner for businesses worldwide, focusing on creating stronger connections by building long-term sustainable global customer relationships.

Yusen’s services include freight forwarding of goods across various channels, including land, sea and air, end-to-end supply chain solutions, e-commerce solutions, transporting heavy and oversized goods, customs brokerage, and consultancy.

Yusen operates 631 distribution centers in 47 countries with more than 25,000 employees. At the site in the UK, they operate a premium electrical contract with over 30,000 units moving through the warehouse daily.



The Challenge

With over 30,000 units moving through the warehouse daily, health and safety were a real concern as operators constantly lifted boxes manually throughout their shifts.

Lewis Robinson, TAWI’s Key Accounts Manager stated, “We work closely with our Research & Development team in Sweden to help provide equipment that focuses on a range of concepts from design through install.

Throughout this project we have been maintaining a fluent relationship to make sure Yusen Logistics’ core objectives are being met with the products offered. Maintaining a key relationship with the innovations team at Yusen has allowed scalable solutions throughout the global footprint of the business.”

Over the past two years, TAWI has collaborated closely with Yusen to enhance employee welfare and productivity. As part of our efforts to improve staff well-being on-site, we have successfully installed five multifunctional vacuum lifters on a column and jib system.

These vacuum lifters have significantly streamlined the process of moving heavy branded boxes from pallets to be repackaged, keeping the supply chain satisficed. The lifters efficiently transfer the boxes to a conveyor system, ensuring they are prepared for shipping. This has greatly improved products from three premium electronic brands that Yusen stocks and distributes in their expansive 2,152,782 sq ft warehouse located in the East Midlands.

By implementing these advanced lifting systems, TAWI has successfully addressed the challenges associated with handling these difficult-to-manage products. The installation of the vacuum lifters has not only improved employee well-being but has also contributed to a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

By installing lifting technology, operators can lift faster with minimal effort, thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries and minimizing the potential strain on workers’ backs and muscles. This also reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and other lifting-related injuries.

The Outcome

Installing vacuum lifting equipment has shown a significant positive impact on employee productivity, health, and well-being, especially when repacking some bulkier items.

Rob Hamborg, UK Site Manager for Yusen Logistics states, “TAWI’s vacuum lifting equipment has removed 100% of the lift and has completely streamlined the process. In a timed experiment, the vacuum lifters are 20% more efficient, requiring 30% less labour.

 Before introducing the vacuum lifting equipment into our processes, our employees manually lifted large boxes from pallets to work surfaces. The previous process meant pallets came inbound, built to a height operators could not reach. So a specialized forklift with a clamp had to take the top layer and rebuild the pallet. 

 This took considerable time, and we were concerned about stock damage and injuries. TAWI’s vacuum lifters have removed this process, and since their introduction, staff morale and overall productivity has improved dramatically.” 

Mobile Order Picker (MOP)

As well as the multifunctional vacuum lifters, Yusen also uses TAWI’s Mobile Order Picker Lifter (MOP).

This mobile vacuum lifter works with a forklift truck, giving full mobility in material handling, enabling operators to pick up large products, in this case, TVs from a pallet, using suction feet and gently placing them on another surface or pallet rack.

The beauty of the MOP is that it can be used with any forklift or pallet jack and can lift boxes of all sizes up to 176 lbs.

Rob Hamborg states, “It’s early days as we’ve only just taken delivery of this item, but we envisage that the MOP will help streamline our workflow and will definitely help make life easier for our operators when handling large and heavy items. It provides a safer and more efficient method of picking and placing products, reducing the risk of injuries and improving productivity.”

Final Thoughts…

The implementation of TAWI’s vacuum lifting technology, including the multifunctional vacuum lifters and the Mobile Order Picker, has positively impacted Yusen Logistics’ operations. It has significantly improved employee well-being by reducing the physical strain associated with manual lifting, lowering the risk of accidents and injuries, and minimizing the potential for musculoskeletal disorders.

Furthermore, vacuum lifters have streamlined the process of moving heavy branded boxes from pallets to repackaging and then onto conveyors for shipping.  This has increased efficiency, requiring less labour and time than previous manual lifting methods. Removing the need for specialized forklifts and pallet rebuilding has also improved productivity and reduced stock damage. With demand on the supply chain ever growing Yusen Logistics has set themselves up success.

The Mobile Order Picker offers mobility and versatility in material handling, allowing operators to pick up large products, such as TVs from pallets and gently place them on surfaces or pallet racks using suction feet. This technology is expected to streamline workflow further and simplify handling large and heavy items for Yusen Logistics.

Overall, adopting lifting solutions provided by TAWI has proven to be a valuable investment for Yusen Logistics, enhancing employee welfare, productivity, and operational efficiency.

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