Package handling solutions at Bring Logistics

Improved work environment at Bring Logistics with user-friendly vacuum lifters.

"By using the lifters we ensure that our employees can continue this line of work for a long time without having pain in shoulders and backs when they arrive home after their shift.”

Per Wadstedt

District Manager at Bring Logistics, Stockholm

Package handling at Bring Logistics

Bring is one of the leading post-and logistics suppliers in the Nordics, solving everyday logistics for small and large companies. Bring has grown by an impressive 169% in the last three years and handles everything from e-commerce to medical transport.

At their distribution facility in Stockholm, Sweden, the logistics process is divided into two sections. The first section is the local distribution handling (DIP), and the second section supplies local distributors/locations with goods (HUB).

The challenge: ergonomic handling of packages defined as “special goods”

Bring Logistics in Stockholm handles a vast number of packages on every shift, every day. From the total amount of goods, about 5-10% of the packages are classified as special goods that are either too heavy, large or bulky to go through the typical handling process.

These packages used to be manually lifted from sorting cages and put on a conveyor belt for registration & scanning before being sorted into the right cage for further distribution. This meant that packages up to 35 kg needed to be manually handled, sometimes requiring two people.

“The average weight of the packages at this station is 18-22 kg. To handle that type of goods for a whole shift becomes unsustainable in the long run”, says Ricky Johansson, responsible for health, environment and safety at Bring in Stockholm.

Next step: searching for a future-proof package handling solution

Bring started looking for a lifting solution that would improve ergonomics and the work environment for the employees. One main requirement was that the solution needed to be user-friendly and easy for everyone to operate. After careful consideration and testing, the decision was made to invest in three vacuum lifters from TAWI.

“The goal was to find a solution that would remove the ergonomically difficult handling of packages, such as bending far down or lifting packages from high up”, says Ricky Johansson.

TAWI High Frequency vacuum lifters are specially designed for quick and easy handling of goods and can grip packages from the top or the side. The comfortable handle with one-hand grip ensures user-friendly and ergonomic material handling.

Result: simplified and ergonomic package handling with TAWI vacuum lifters

Per Wadstedt, District Manager at Bring Stockholm, explains some of the benefits of using the vacuum lifters; “one main benefit is that it’s easier to handle heavy goods and that we can handle goods that are heavier than the 25 kg that is our limit for what one person is allowed to lift manually.”

Per continues, “The vacuum lifters are used for handling goods from 10 kg and up and they make work easier for our employees. By using the lifters we ensure that our employees can continue this line of work for a long time without having pain in shoulders and backs when they arrive home after their shift.”

“Before it was really difficult to lift packages weighing over 20-25 kg, and sometimes we needed help by someone to be able to lift and put these packages on the conveyor belt”, says Vachik Unanyan, responsible for EMB and reject station at Bring Stockholm. Vachik continues; “now we can lift, put packages on the conveyor belt and sort them in cages by ourselves, without needing help from anyone else. Now it’s a lot easier”.

Lifting and sorting packages with TAWI vacuum lifters at Bring Logistics      Package handling with TAWI vacuum lifters at Bring Logistics

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