Jopen Brewery


Stacking boxes and kegs on pallets in an ergonomic and time efficient way

At Jopen Brewery in the Netherlands, hundreds of boxes with beer bottles are loaded on pallets every day. One box weighs 13,5kg and one pallet contains 60 boxes, which equals a total weight of 810kg per pallet. Large and heavy beer kegs are also picked from conveyors, turned 90 degrees and placed on pallets. One keg weighs 26,5kg, and every pallet contains 20 kegs. Using TAWI lifting solutions, these processes are both time efficient and ergonomic, effectively increasing employee health and wellbeing.

Optimized work flow with TAWI lifters

Lifting the filled beer kegs is very strenuous if done by hand, especially since they need to be turned 90 degrees before being placed on the pallet. Using TAWI vacuum lifter, the kegs are handled effortlessly by one single employee. With integrated turning function the kegs are easily tilted 90 degrees with one quick movement.

Effortless handling of boxes and kegs all day, every day

The employees use TAWI lifters on every shift, every day. “The equipment is easy to use and loading boxes and kegs on pallets is both fast and ergonomic using the vacuum lifters”, Matthijs van der Geest, Jopen Brewery.

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