The same work requires less personnel when using TAWI lifters

"The same work requires less personnel when using TAWI lifters. Instead of having two people lift a heavy article, one person using the vacuum lifter can manage this by themselves.”

Niklas Blomberg

Project Leader Logistics at Jollyroom

Saving time and improving employee health at Jollyroom

Rising material handling challenges

Jollyroom is the largest e-commerce business for kids and baby products in the Nordics. Like many e-commerce businesses, the last years have provided new logistic challenges for Jollyroom, including shipment delays, hard-to-plan order stocking and increased customer demands.

We’re at one of three Jollyroom warehouses in Gothenburg. This specific warehouse (though huge) is the smallest one. Here the bulkiest and heavy items are handled with a constant flow of incoming goods. On this particular day, the articles being sorted and palletized through an entire shift are all trampolines. The packages are large, heavy and difficult to handle manually, requiring two people to help each other with every lift. At least, that’s how it used to be.

How can we minimize sick leave and work more efficiently?

About a year ago, Jollyroom decided they needed to look at possible lifting solutions for handling heavy and bulky goods. The priority was minimising sick leave, especially during peak seasons, and providing better ergonomic conditions for their employees. The vacuum lifting solution from TAWI met the requirements and was especially appreciated due to how easy it was to learn and operate.

“Our employees are really happy to use the vacuum lifters and they are used for lifting almost all of our articles”, Kameran Mala, Team Leader for Inbound at Jollyroom.

This makes the sorting process more time and cost-efficient, but most of all, it makes lifting goods to 70kg almost effortless, ensuring that the employees have long-term ergonomic working conditions. The vacuum lifters have become a natural part of the workflow and are used many hours every day.

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