Ceres Cruise Terminal Baggage Handling

Ceres Cruise Port Baggage Handling

Ceres Transforms Cruise Terminal Baggage Handling with TAWI Vacuum Lifters

Ceres Cruise Terminal Baggage Handling
  I wish I would have had this 20 years ago, I’d be in better shape now

Doug Jordan Sr.

Porter Header at Ceres

Manual luggage handling results in inefficiency and injuries

Ceres is North America’s premier cruise port owner and operator. With over 60 years in the industry, Ceres currently operates in 20 locations, handling over 10 million passengers worth of luggage a year. In the Port of Miami, they service an entire cruise vessel every day with upwards of 20,000 pieces of luggage per ship.

Cruise port baggage handling is typically done manually. Luggage often weighs 30-40 pounds, and can be as heavy as 70 pounds. As with any form of transportation, there is a schedule to adhere to and a cruise ship is no different. In order to meet departure times, Ceres crew members need to work quickly to get 20,000 pieces of luggage ranging in weight from 30-70 pounds, through security and on board the ship. That is a lot of weight to continuously handle and increases the risk for employee fatigue and injuries.

Improving cruise port baggage handling workflow

To combat the risk of injury and in order to meet departure times, Ceres implemented TAWI vacuum lifters into their process.

When travelers arrive to the port, they leave their luggage at the curb by luggage carts before embarking through security and boarding the cruise ship. From there, Ceres crew members roll the carts of luggage to the loading zone where there is a conveyor and security machine, which the luggage must go through before being loaded onto the ship. To get the luggage off the cart, or on and off of the security conveyor, someone must physically lift the luggage. TAWI vacuum lifters were implemented into the Ceres workflow to solve that problem. Instead of having the crew manually lift the luggage, they were able to use the vacuum lifter to unload the luggage from the carts, place it on to the security conveyor, and then offload the luggage from the conveyor and back onto luggage carts to be loaded on to the cruise ship.

The impact of implementing TAWI vacuum lifters

It speeds production up, and also saves the individual from doing a lot of lifting.
– Doug Jordan Sr., Porter Header at Ceres.

Implementing TAWI vacuum lifters into the Ceres workflow- led to immediate improvements. Crew members receive a brief vacuum lifter training at the start of their shift, and by the time the luggage starts rolling in, they are able to efficiently and safely handle the luggage through security and onto the cruise ship. The user-friendly equipment eliminates the strain manual lifting causes.

TAWI makes operators more efficient, less fatigued, and happier – resulting in more productivity and meeting time restrictions.


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