stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel lifter

In clean environments like production of food or pharmaceuticals, stainless steel lifters offer efficient lifting without compromising hygiene requirements. Our stainless-steel lifters are easy to keep clean, and they can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your facilities.

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Stainless-steel lifters for sanitary lifting

Our stainless-steel vacuum lifters come in a wide variety of models, handling up to 120 kilos. Get in touch and we will help you find the right model for your needs.

  • Lifting capacity: <120 kg (<270 kg with standard hose)
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Handles: standard / one-hand / flex / extended
  • Tools: wide selection of tools for various loads
  • Flexibility: 360-degree rotation

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Lifting in cleanroom environments

Food- and pharmaceutical production require a clean environment. TAWI offers lifting solutions developed specifically for these types of industries with high sanitary requirements.

  • Lift various types of goods, including sacks, drums, boxes and reels
  • Easy to keep clean
  • User-friendly, easily manoeuvred with one hand
  • Enable ergonomic and effortless lifting
  • Speed up manual handling of goods

Product Details

We offer a wide selection of stainless steel vacuum lifters, with lifting capacity ranging from 20–120 kilos.

*TAWI vacuum lifters have new model names from March 2018, old names in brackets.

Lifting capacity30 kg
Max length lift tube2500 mm
Hose diameter100 mm
Stroke1800 / 2600 mm
Lifting speed0-1 m/s
Lifting capacity40 kg
Max length lift tube2500 mm
Hose diameter120 mm
Stroke1800 / 2600 mm
Lifting speed0-1m/s
Lifting capacity50 kg
Max length lift tube2500 mm
Hose diameter140 mm
Stroke1800 / 2600 mm
Lifting speed0-1m/s
Lifting capacity60 kg
Max length lift tube4000 mm
Hose diameter160 mm
Stroke1800 / 2600 mm
Lifting speed0-1m/s
Lifting capacity80 kg
Max length lift tube4000 mm
Hose diameter180 mm
Stroke1800 / 2600 mm
Lifting speed0-1m/s
Lifting capacity100 kg
Max length lift tube2500 mm
Hose diameter200 mm
Stroke1700 / 2400 mm
Lifting speed0-1m/s
Lifting capacity120 kg
Max length lift tube4000 mm
Hose diameter230 mm
Stroke1700 / 2400 mm
Lifting speed0-1m/s

Stainless steel vacuum lifters

Facilitate lifting and speed up workflow with stainless-steel vacuum lifters developed specifically for facilities with high sanitary requirements.

TAWI stainless steel lifters use vacuum technology to grip and lift all types of loads. We offer a wide selection of tools for lifting sacks, pails, barrels, reels and much more. Our stainless-steel lifters are commonly used for lifting sacks of ingredients in both food and pharmaceutical industries.

Save time and resources

The lifters can easily lift paper sacks and plastic sacks, but we also offer tools for handling woven sacks which are common in some food industries. The lifters allow effortless handling of the most ungainly sacks, often allowing one person to do what used to be a two-man job. This saves valuable time and resources, and creates a safe and ergonomic work environment for the operators.

The stainless-steel lifters can also be used for lifting goods from conveyor to pallet. Thanks to our wide selection of suction feet, the lifters can handle anything from blocks of cheese to pails or bottles. We also customize suction feet to your specific needs and can for example lift groups of cans or drums, further streamlining your workflow.

Ergonomic and user-friendly

TAWI vacuum lifters are easy to use and enable effortless lifting for anyone. The stainless-steel lifters can be combined with a variety of handles depending on how you need to lift. A flex-handle will facilitate lifting above shoulder height while an extended handle will improve reach. For high frequency lifting, like picking goods from a conveyor, our high-speed VacuCobra is ideal, allowing effortless lifting with a convenient one-hand grip.

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