Column mounted jib

Mounting options

Depending on the circumstances of operation, mounting a jib arm in the optimal spot could mean either on the wall, on a column or on a portable station.

jib on forklift attachment

Portable jib

Portable solutions for moving the jib arm anywhere you need it

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column mounted jib

Column mounted jib

Mounted in a TAWI column the jib arm can be placed anywhere in your facilities

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wall mounted jib arm

Wall mounted jib

Mounted directly on the wall the jib makes the most of your facilities

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column mounted jib

Mounting options for TAWI Jib Cranes

TAWI mounting options are:

  • floor mounted, wall mounted or portable
  • chosen based on your operational requirements
  • enabling lifts in almost any environment

Jib crane mounting options - to suit your specific operations

TAWI’s manual jib crane portfolio consists of light-weight and ergonomic jib cranes; either wall mounted, free standing or portable; three types of mounting options in order to create a complete solution for your operations.

For most conditions, a wall mounted jib crane is the optimal solution. The crane requires no additional structure, but the arm and tool itself, in order to achieve material handling.

For open spaces or structurally insufficient facilities, we offer our floor mounted solutions to enable jib arms to be used on-top a TAWI height specified pillar or column. For agile, and constantly changing, operations, the portable mounting option offers movability at any moment.

In common for these manual swing crane mounting options are easy handling up to 125 kg, an area of action varies between 180-270 degrees and compatibility for arm lengths up to 6 meters. Further, the base component always includes the arm and fastening bracket together with the specified mounting system. All jib cranes and mounting systems can be combined with any lifting equipment such as TAWI VacuEasylift vacuum lifter and TAWI Grip pneumatic lifter and electrical hoists. They are delivered complete with electrical systems with power supply to the hoist and main switch. The jib cranes combined with above mentioned lifting equipment are all in compliance with the requirement of EC machine directives ensuring high personal safety.

Contact us and we can design a solution that optimally fits your operational requirements.

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