Man using a lifting trolley to lift crate from pallet rack

Lightweight trolleys

TAWI Lightweight Lifting Trolleys enable cost-efficient and ergonomic handling of goods in cramped spaces.

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Warehouse employee using a lightweight lifting trolley to transport crates in a warehouse. Woman using a lifting trolley to transport a box in archive room

Compact and lightweight

  • Lifting capacity: <60kg
  • Compact design ideal for small spaces
  • High speed – lifting at 125mm/s
  • Light weight and easy to drive
  • Robust platform for lifting and moving goods

Ergonomic lightweight trolley

TAWI Lightweight Lifting Trolleys enable efficient handling where space is limited. In addition, easily lifting and moving goods in narrow aisles and tight corners.

  • Compact lifting trolley
  • Light weight – easy to manoeuvre
  • Ergonomic handles ensure good working position
  • With platform for lifting boxes and other goods
  • Easily slide boxes on/off the platform
  • Ideal for stock handling in retail stores etc.
  • High quality – safe and reliable operation

Product Details

Product details

  • Information
    Lifting capacity60 kg
    Battery2 x 12V 7Ah
    Lifts per charge60kg x 1m x 100 times
    Brake systemSingle braked rear wheels
    Lifting speed fast/slow125 mm/s
    Stroke1590 mm
    Battery charger100-240V, grounded 50-60 Hz
    WheelsSwivelling, polyurethane
    Overload protectionIncorporated in circuit load
  • Media
    Rendering of TAWI lightweight lifting trolley

Lift and move goods efficiently with lightweight lifter

With the same high quality as other TAWI trolleys, this lightweight model offers a most cost-efficient solution for handling goods.

Strong in tight space

Need to lift and move goods in narrow space? TAWI Lightweight Lifting Trolley is compact and easy to drive and therefore ideal for handling goods in narrow aisles and other tight spaces. The lightweight and robust wheels allow the trolley to move smoothly around tight corners. Ergonomic handles ensure a good working position when driving the trolley.

Goods placed on platform

The load is placed onto the trolley’s platform, easily lifted with a simple push of a button. When the platform is elevated to the correct height you can easily slide the load from the platform over to a shelf. Great for filling goods into a retail store or moving goods in a warehouse for example. Worried that the trolley could slow you down? This will not be an issue as this lifter is not only lightweight but also super-fast, lifting at 125 mm/s.

On this line, the lightweight trolley will take up minimal space yet offer reliable TAWI quality. The compact and lightweight design ensure that the trolley is easy to drive even in very limited space. It weighs only 35 kg and runs smoothly on swivelling wheels.

Cost-efficient TAWI quality

Moreover, TAWI Lightweight Lifting Trolley is a small investment with lots of value. This trolley offers the same high quality as other TAWI lifters, only with fewer options and customization. The standard platform that comes with the trolley is all you need for lifting and moving most types of goods. The lightweight model lifts to 60 kg.

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