standard jib crane with vacuum lifter

Standard jib arm

To greatly improve the situation of a repetitive workstation, and in some cases even at all make it possible in the first place, we offer the TAWI standard jib crane.

Vacuum lifter on a movable arm for lifting boxes Multiple vacuum lifters on movable arms Vacuum lifter with flexible handle for moving boxes Stainless steel vacuum lifter on a movable arm lifting bags with food Movable vacuum lifter lifting bags in a sensitive environment jib crane with standard arm and vacuum lifter for lifting kegs

TAWI standard jib arms

The standard jib crane with aluminimum profile is suitable for lightweight lifting up to 125 kg. Available in radius of action up to 270 degrrees and various arm lenghts.

  • Operated with radial, specific movement
  • Smoothly operated
  • Wall or floor mounted
  • Easy to use

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TAWI standard arms can:

  • Operate with three dimensions of freedom
  • Reach up to three meters
  • Swivel with 270 degrees of freedom
  • Lift up to 125 kg

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: up to 125 kg
  • Degrees of motion: 270°
  • Radius of action: Up to 3 m
  • Profiles: LR113 / SS400

Standard jib arms - making repetitive work sustainable

TAWI offers a wide variety of jib cranes for a more optimized and ergonomic workplace.

Lightweight jib cranes for efficient lifting

A jib crane is a great choice where repetitive and stationary lifting is required. With a suitable jib crane, more safe and ergonomic lifting can be achieved. The jib crane has a lightweight design to ensure as flexible and smooth handling as possible and the standard jib arm comes suspended from above to enable an uninterrupted track for trolley motion. For radial movement up to 270 degrees and an arm length of up to 6 meters, the TAWI standard jib arm comes in either aluminium or stainless steel and makes lifting from one place to another more ergonomic, more accessible, and more efficient.

Standard aluminium jib <80kg

The standard aluminium jib crane is suitable for handling 80 kg loads, has a degree of motion up to 260 degrees and comes with various arm lengths up to 6 meters. The jib crane has the option of being installed either on a wall or on a column. The advantage of an aluminium construction is how the swing arms low self-weight creates the least amount of friction, thereby resulting in smooth operation.

Standard aluminium jib with steel support <125kg

The standard jib crane with aluminium profile and steel support is suitable for lifting up to 125 kg, has a radius of action up to 270 degrees and comes with various arm lengths. The jib crane is flexible and has the option of being installed either on a wall or on a column.

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