stainless steel jib crane with vacuum lifter

Stainless steel jib

The stainless-steel jib crane is a great option in food or pharmaceutical industries. TAWI offers stainless steel options in an over braced, under braced or articulating execution. Suitable for lightweight lifting up to 80 kg. The jib crane is flexible and can be installed on a wall or column. Available in radius of action up to 360 degrees and various arm lengths.

stainless steel articulating jib crane with vacuum lifter stainless steel jib crane in cleanroom facilities stainless steel jib crane with vacuum lifter lifting a sack

Stainless steel cranes

TAWI’s jib crane with stainless steel profile is suitable for lifting up to 80 kg. The easy-to-clean stainless steel jib is a great option in food or pharmaceutical industries.

  • Accomodating heavier loads
  • Enabling longer swivel arms
  • For when sanitation is prioritised
  • Suitable for harsh environments

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When to use stainless steel cranes

TAWI stainless steel cranes are ideal for the food processing, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Available in ATEX-approved configuration
  • Reach up to 4 meters
  • Swivel with 360 degrees of freedom
  • Lift up to 1000 kg

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: <1000 kg
  • Arm profile: Stainless steel
  • Max arm length: 4000 mm
  • Working radius: <360°

Stainless steel cranes when cleanliness is key

To meet higher requirements for material handling, some of our cranes are specially engineered from high strength stainless-steel.

Sustainable and strong stainless steel crane

Stainless-steel is mainly appropriate when the operations have high sanitary requirements such as when handling chemicals, pharmaceutical- and food items, but also for harsh environment where a resistance to rust Is required. In the assortment there are stainless steel jib arms appropriate for lifting up to 1000 kg in weight.

The steel cranes are surface treated in an automatic powder-coating line for high resistance to corrosion, resulting in a long lifespan and minimum maintenance. Steel systems come standard in the TAWI black lacer but can be custom coloured to fit your already established operations and branding profile.

Approved for use in ATEX zones

TAWI offers jib cranes in stainless-steel with ATEX approval as an additional choice. ATEX refers to the EU directives for equipment to be used in environments with an explosive atmosphere. TAWI’s ATEX systems are approved for use in zone 1 and 21, 2 and 22.

The stainless-steel profiles come in several dimensions in order to offer a wide range of compromises between lifting capacity and self-weight. This allows us to design a system that fits your needs with great precision whilst avoiding the additional weight.

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