Man lifting metal profiles with hoist lift

Hoists & Gripping tools

TAWI’s hoist lifts handle goods with optimal precision and accuracy. Easy to control with one hand, the hoist lifts offer the operator great flexibility and stability.

chain hoist with customized tool

Chain hoist

Chain hoist

Powerful and durable chain hoist for heavy lifting. For loads <1600 kg.

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A wire hoist lifting a container suspended from a TAWI overhead bridge crane

Wire hoist

Wire hoist

High speed electric hoist handling all types of goods with high precision. For loads <120 kg.

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lifting boxes from pallet with hoist lift

Hoist lifts for easy material handling

Our wire hoists are faster than most, ideal for precision lifting when you need full control of your load. For heavier lifting and lifting in tough conditions we offer powerful and durable chain hoists.

  • Precision lifting with variable speed control.
  • Easy to use, maneuvered with one hand.
  • Gripping tools for handling all types of loads.

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Hoist lifts handling goods with precision and power

Our electric hoists are ideal when you need to lift with stability and control. Perfect for handling cumbersome containers, tall metal profiles and much more.

Precision lifting with TAWI hoists

TAWI’s wire hoists are among the fastest hoists on the market, lifting with both speed and precision. A user-friendly and ergonomic handle makes the hoists easy to control with just one hand. Variable speed control allows you to choose how fast or slow you need to move at any point, giving you full control and precision when lifting. A wide selection of tools makes it possible to lift anything from woven sacks to metal profiles.

Multiple lifting applications

A quick coupling enables great flexibility and use of multiple tools on the same hoist. Switch between tools in no time and you can easily use the same hoist to lift anything from reels to wooden pallets or batteries. Our hoist lifts are ideal when you need to tilt or turn the load, offering great flexibility to position the goods exactly where you need them.

TAWI´s chain hoists are powerful and durable, ideal for heavy loads and tough conditions, even suitable for outdoor use.

Vacuum grippers

Our vacuum gripping tools let you handle big sheets of wood, metal, glass, or laminate with minimal effort and optimal precision. The vacuum gripper is easily mounted in a TAWI hoist, enabling you to grip and lift large boards or sheets. The vacuum grippers also allow effortless tilt and turn of ungainly sheets.

Hoist with gripping tool for glass sheets and windows

All TAWI’s electric hoists are easy to install and require little maintenance. High quality and low energy consumption makes the hoist a sustainable choice with low cost of ownership. Simply a great way of streamlining manual handling of goods and saving both time and money.

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