Container Unloading Systems

We offer a range of container unloaders equipment for efficient and ergonomic containers and trucks loading and unloading.

Container Unloaders

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Telescopic mounted unloader

Telescopic mounted unloader

Increase productivity when unloading loose loaded cargo out of trucks and containers.

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Mobile high frequency lifter for Container unloading

Mobile high frequency lifter

Mobile high frequency lifter

Versatile lifting solution that combine the high frequency vacuum lifter capabilities with a mobile lifting solution for containers loading and unloading.

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Container Unloader - MHL

Flexible reach inside and outside containers

Our versatile unloading solutions can adapt to high pace lifting environments like logistics centers.

  • Reducing the risk of injuries from manual handling.
  • Direct to conveyor or direct to pallet.
  • Allows operators to reach all goods in a container, from top to bottom.

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Best solutions for unloading Containers

We provide versatile and mobile lifting solutions for unloading and loading containers and trucks, focusing on improving efficiency and ergonomics during the process.


Whatever material you need to move, our container unloading equipment will help you do it faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively.

Our innovative range of container unloading solutions are easy to adapt when you have a fast-paced environment with high demand and production needs.

We also offer high frequency vacuum lifter that can be used inside containers and other areas with limited head room.

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