Transporting reels with TAWI lifting trolleys

Move reels

Move reels

Move reels quick and efficient.

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Man lifting up big plastic roll using a handhold vacuum lifter

Mounting reels

Mounting reels

Mount reels on machine axis, easy and ergonomic.

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lifting and turning reels with wire hoist

Lift and tilt reels

Lift and tilt reels

Lift and tilt reels, anywhere you need.

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TAWI reel lifting trolleys at SCA
Ergonomic and safe
"Now, we can avoid heavy manual handling and minimize the strain on worker's backs, shoulders and knees."

Lars-Erik Heland


Efficient reel handling equipment

Streamline manual handling with efficient reel lifting equipment. TAWI reel and roll lifting solutions make lifting easy, efficient and ergonomic.

Our reel lifting equipment is designed to ensure an efficient workflow and ergonomic handling of reels. TAWI Lifting Trolleys are mobile and ergonomic lifters that can be equipped with various tools for reel handling, safely gripping reels from the core or from the outside.

Flexibility and precision

You can pick up reels from a vertical position and turn them to horizontal position with a simple push of a button. Add a QuickLoad feature and the lifter will automatically stop at exactly the right height, making it very easy to mount reels on machine axis, or stack them in shelves. Regardless if you prefer reel handling equipment gripping reels from the core or from the outside, whether you prefer manual or electrical tilt and rotation, we have a mobile lifter that will meet your needs.

TAWI Coregripper

TAWI coregripper tool for efficient reel handling is often mounted on our lifting trolleys, giving users freedom to move reels as far as they need. For stationary reel lifting, the coregripper is attached to a hoist, ensuring efficient and ergonomic lifting. Need help finding the best reel or roll handling equipment for your needs? Contact us for professional advice.

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