lifting metal profiles with hoist

Metal profiles

Metal profiles

Easy lifting and moving of metal profiles

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man lifting metal part using vacuum lifter

Metal parts

Metal parts

Handling all sorts of metal components.

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lifting metal sheet with hoist and vacuum yoke

Metal sheets

Metal sheets

Ergonomic lifting of sheet metal.

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man using lifting trolley to load component into machine
Efficient and ergonomic
"Workers can now maintain the same work speed all day, without getting tired."

Danny Flass

Production site supervisor, Rockwool, Belgium

Metal lifters for efficient manual handling

Lift sheet metal and all sorts of metal components, with accuracy and speed. Efficient and ergonomic metal handling with TAWI lifters.

Manual lifting of sheet metal tends to be a two-man job. But with TAWI vacuum grippers, one person can easily lift large metal sheets, and even tilt them 180 degrees without effort. Letting one person do a two-man job will obviously save both time and money, and in this case, it can also save the person lifting from hurting their back. A win-win situation, good for both business and people.

Lifting all types of metal

In addition to sheet metal lifters, we also have a wide range of lifters suitable for lifting metal parts, components, profiles, rails and more. A vacuum lifter can grip pretty much anything with a solid surface and lift quickly and comfortable. The ergonomic handle ensures a good working position and lets the operator lift easily with just one hand.

Precision lifting

TAWI ViperHoist comes with a variety of tools for lifting objects that are not suited for vacuum lifters. A hoist can also be the preferred choice when precision is key. Variable speed control lets the operator decide exactly how fast or slow to move at any point and the load is easily maneuvered with a comfortable one-hand grip.

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