lifting toilet with vacuum lifter

Bathroom appliances

Bathroom appliances

Ergonomic lifting of bathroom appliance

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man lifting board with vacuum lifter

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances

Lift everything from ktichen cupboards and benchtops to dishwashers and refridgerators.

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Lift anything from furniture to electronic appliances

TAWI lifters are so versatile that you can lift both mattresses and dishwashers using the same equipment. Plus anything in between!

Need to lift any type of household appliance or furniture? TAWI will help you lift efficiently, ergonomically and safely, no matter what you need to lift. Our vacuum lifters easily grip and lift anything from soft mattresses to ceramic bath tubs or heavy refrigerators. A wide selection of suction feet ensure safe gripping regardless of the size or surface of your load.

TAWI vacuum lifters allow anyone to lift up to 270kg without effort. Give everyone the power to lift and create a flexible workforce where employees can easily switch between work stations. When everyone can lift, you minimise the risk of unnecessary downtime and achieve a more equal workplace.

The ergonomic handle on all TAWI vacuum lifters helps secure a good working position even when lifting objects of an unusual shape. An extended handle makes sure you can reach as far as you need, and a flexible handle will help you lift high above shoulder level. All this without straining the back, shoulders or knees. Efficient and ergonomic lifting, for everyone.

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