lifting batteries with vacuum



Lifting batteries, easy, ergonomic and safe.

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man lifting metal part using vacuum lifter

Metal parts

Metal parts

Handling all sorts of metal components.

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Emptying crates with lifting trolley

Plastic components

Plastic components

Solutions for handling all sorts of plastic parts.

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Lifting components, batteries, and more

Handling various metal parts, plastic components, batteries and similar objects is common in many manufacturing industries. We make lifting easy, no matter what type of components you need to lift.

Need to lift things that are not box-shaped or meet standardised measures? No worries, we have solutions for lifting pretty much anything.

Big components

For big components, like car parts handled in the automotive industry, we often recommend a hoist solution. TAWI ViperHoist has various tools for lifting pretty much anything with optimal precision. The hoist can handle up to 120 kg and the variable speed control offers great flexibility and precision.

Small components

Smaller components are often conveniently transported in plastic crates, and we offer several solutions for lifting, moving and tilting crates. No matter if mobility or precision is most important to you, we have a lifter that will meet your requirements.

When frequent lifts are needed, a vacuum lifter is often the best solution. TAWI vacuum lifters come with a wide selection of suction feet that can grip most types of components. The lifters are ergonomic and user-friendly, ideal for high frequency lifting, allowing the operator to lift up to 270 kilos with just one hand. Vacuum lifters are also a great solution for lifting batteries or other sensitive electric components. Safe, easy and efficient.

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