Vaculex lifters in warehouse

Vaculex is TAWI

Former Vaculex and TAWI are now both part of Piab Group. Combining the expertise and experience of these two vacuum lifter manufacturers enables us to deliver superior ergonomic vacuum lift systems for our customers. From now on Vaculex vacuum lifters will be available under the well-established TAWI brand.

Two strong vacuum lifter manufacturers joint together

Piab’s Vaculex team continues to develop and manufacture ergonomic high-quality vacuum lifting equipment, now under the name TAWI. In addition to a wide selection of vacuum assisted lifting devices, the TAWI brand offers electric lifting trolleys, hoists and crane systems.

The new TAWI assortment of user-friendly vacuum lifting systems include several ergonomic lifters formerly known as Vaculex, but also mobile vacuum lifters for order picking and container unloading. This means that we will be able to meet your lifting needs no matter what you need to lift or where you need to lift.