Pick and move reels from pallets with smart lifting equipment


Depending on how reels need to be picked up from pallets and then placed for further use, a various amount of lifting systems can be used.

Lifting and transporting reels can be both strenuous and difficult if handled without ergonomic lifting equipment. Reels are often heavy, big and ungainly by their design, making it very advantageous to increase efficiency and employee health by using the right lifting solution.

Depending on how the reels are picked up from pallets and then placed for further use, a various amount of lifting systems can be used. Lifting trolleys from TAWI offer versatile and flexible solutions for reel handling, with various options for picking up reels from pallets either from the core or from the outside. Due to their flexible and customer oriented design, these mobile reel lifters have adjustable legs that can be arranged to fit all kinds of pallets, making it possible for the operator to reach all reels stacked on the pallet.

man lifting and turning roll in lifting trolleylifting and turning roll with coregripper tool on lifting trolley

Another major advantage of using lifting trolleys is their full mobility, enabling the operator to transport reels over large areas.

If lifting trolleys are not suitable for your operations, TAWI offer a range of other ergonomic solutions for reel lifting. By using a vacuum lifter or hoist, reels can be picked up from pallets with high speed and easily placed for further use on a shelf, conveyor or other nearby area. These ceiling mounted or column mounted systems are optimal for lifting reels placed high up or in narrow spaces.

lifting and turning reels with vacuum lifter

Using lifting equipment optimized for your work flow is an investment which will soon repay itself. Not only by minimizing work related injuries and health problems, but also by increasing efficiency and the workforce flexibility in your business. By making sure the personnel can work ergonomically and safely, they can also maintain the same speed all day, every day, without tiring their bodies. It also becomes possible for anyone to lift and transport heavy reels which ensures that your operations never stand still.

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