man lifting paper sack with food using handhold vacuum lifter

Lifting solutions for safely handling sacks within the food industry

Food & Beverage, Health, Safety & Ergonomics

Pouring out ingredients from sacks into a hopper requires the highest level of sanitation and quality within a food facility. TAWI offers safe and ergonomic stainless-steel solutions.

Are you dumping sacks of ingredients into a hopper?
Is this task being performed manually without a lift assist?
Does your business have a high rate of worker’s injury?
Is manually dumping sacks slowing down your workflow?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then it’s time to implement an ergonomic lift assist into your workflow. There are many benefits to using an ergonomic vacuum sack lifter:

  • It can grip and lift all types of materials of sacks both safely and effortlessly
  • It will reduce the number of employees needed for sack handling
  • Your workforce flexibility will improve as it will allow anyone to handle heavy sacks, no matter their size or strength
  • Just 1 person can handle sacks weighing up to 270 kg
  • TAWI lifters are available in stainless steel to meet all sanitary requirements
  • Using a lift assist will reduce worker injuries and in return save your business money

Shown in this video is a TAWI customer, Bakels, mixing raw ingredients by emptying sacks ingredients into a hopper. Since implementing a TAWI vacuum lifter into their workflow, their employees can now lift and empty heavy sacks effortlessly, while keeping a consistent production workflow. With TAWI vacuum lifters employees can now handle several pallets of heavy sacks without straining their bodies or losing speed. In addition, now everyone can handle heavy sacks, no matter their size or strength.

Handling sacks of food ingredients requires trust. The trust consumers have that the things they eat are safe as well as the trust that food companies have in the sub-suppliers that process or produce these products, ensuring that no harmful substances make their way into the food products. In addition, handling food products requires a high level of sanitation and quality. TAWI has a long history of supplying lifting solutions to the food industry and we understand how companies in this segment work – as well as what they need to keep a productive workflow. That is why all of our lifts are available in stainless steel.

Do you need a lift assist that is mobile? Our TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a fully mobile vacuum lifter and is compatible with any forklift. It is the best solution when picking orders for recipes and can lift up to 80 kg. You can simply pick the bags of ingredients you need, lift, and drive the bags to a hopper.


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