Lifting 7200kg of boxes every day, effortlessly

This is the story of how Rockwool created a healthier workplace for their employees by reducing the strain of manual handling.

The challenge of lifting tons every day

Rockwool is a world-leading supplier of stone wool products and insulation systems. At their production site in Belgium, employees need to handle heavy metal parts used in the production process. And at the end of the production line, boxes of ready products are palletized at high speed. One pallet often contains 72 boxes, each box weighing around 25 kilos. That means one employee will lift a total of 1.800 kilos for each pallet they fill. To meet productivity targets they need to finish at least four pallets in one shift. That’s more than 7.000 kilos.

Handling this manually would obviously not be a sustainable solution. Looking for a solution to improve ergonomics and the overall workplace health and safety, Rockwool came across TAWI lifting solutions.

An investment in workplace health & safety

Rockwool decided to invest in several ergonomic lift systems from TAWI to minimize the risks associated with manual handling. Now, vacuum lifters and lifting trolleys are used daily to lift and transport various goods and they have become a natural part of the production flow. By investing in TAWI lifting equipment, Rockwool have made work easier, more ergonomic, and safer for their employees. Workers can now palletize tons of boxes every day with minimal physical effort, effectively minimizing the risk of injury.

man lifting

The result: healthy and happy employees

Since the investment in TAWI equipment was made, the lifters have been used on every shift, every day. Production workers report positive time saving effects since they can now maintain the same work speed all day, without getting tired. Production site supervisor, Danny Flass, is convinced that the investment in TAWI lifting equipment pays off quickly due to the obvious health benefits for the employees. A win-win for both business and people.

moving metal parts with lifting trolley


Read more about TAWI ergonomic vacuum lifters. 

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