High-speed hoist for precision lifting

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Lifting with a wire hoist from TAWI provides an optimal combination of speed and precision.

For precision lifting of bulky or porous loads, a high-speed hoist with variable speed control is often the most efficient solution. An ergonomic wire hoist that lifts fast (up to 0.75 m/s) when you need speed but also slows down when you need to position your load with precision.

The need for precision lifting

Back in 2001, TAWI engineers developed our first generation of wire hoists based on a unique design which makes sure the wire is always tightened. Several clever technical solutions ensured precision lifting and good ergonomics for the operator. This first-generation wire hoist offered our clients precision lifting in an ergonomic and safe work environment. But at TAWI we always strive to go further.

In 2014 a team of TAWI engineers started designing the second generation TAWI wire hoist. They set out to further improve the ergonomic situation for the operator, and to add even more precision when gripping and releasing loads. On top of this, they decided to make a high-speed hoist that was faster than any other on the market. Soon, TAWI could launch the ViperHoist, a high-speed hoist for precision lifting.

High-speed hoist with lots of options

TAWI ViperHoist is designed to easily connect to any kind of mechanical, pneumatic or vacuum tool used for precision lifting. The wide selection of tools available for this high-speed hoist allows our clients to lift all kinds of loads, including car batteries, toilet seats, paper bundles and aluminium profiles. Our engineers also customize tools for very specific loads and environments. Tell us what you need to lift, and we will design a solution.

Our high-speed hoist is available in two models; one for high speed and one for heavier loads. VH60 lifts up to 60 kilos at 0.75 m/s while the stronger VH120 handles up to 120 kilos at 0.35 m/s. Both models offer an ergonomic handle with variable speed control for optimal precision and control.

See more of our high-speed hoist here.

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