Helping food manufacturers keep up with demands

While most businesses are downsizing due to the Corona crisis, the food and beverage industry is at full speed production. Keeping up production pace, even with staff shortages, is much easier when you have the proper procedures and equipment in place.

TAWI lifting equipment is used to facilitate efficient lifting in food manufacturing facilities all over the world. Our stainless-steel vacuum lifters and trolleys are especially well-suited for lifting in food manufacturing plants with high demands on sanitation. In today’s challenging times the lifters facilitate a productive workflow while maintaining a safe social distance.

Under-staffed production facilities

While the Coronavirus outbreak is shutting down factories all over the world, food manufacturing companies are struggling to keep up with demand. Mondelez is hiring 1,000 employees in the US and PepsiCo is hiring another 6,000 workers to meet increasing demands. The American Bakers Association (ABA) reports that their members have over 600 temporary positions and over 2,400 permanent positions available (source). Manpower is clearly essential for efficient production. Ergonomic lifting equipment helps keep workers safe and healthy, but it will also make their work easier, allowing them to lift more in less time.

Speed up production with proper lifting aids

Vacuum lifters make lifting effortless, allowing workers to handle more in less time. TAWI vacuum lifters are commonly used in the entire manufacturing process, from handling incoming goods, to palletizing the ready product. Read more about our solutions for every step of the food manufacturing process here. Allowing goods to be handled safely and efficiently often enables food manufacturing facilities to maintain a higher pace in their workflow, providing quick return on investment. Goods are handled faster without compromising the safety of products or the person handling them.


Ergonomic reel handling and efficient packaging processes

Mounting reels of packaging film in packaging machines is heavy work that often requires two people. TAWI Lifting Trolleys enable effortless lift and rotation of reels, allowing one person to easily lift and load a reel onto machine axis. The stainless-steel trolleys are easy to keep clean, ideal for use in food manufacturing facilities.

Work efficient while maintaining a safe distance

Using lift assist devices means that one person can handle heavy lifts on their own. You effectively avoid situations where workers need to be two to lift together. In these challenging times you need to keep your personnel healthy to be able to keep up production. With TAWI lifters you can easily ensure that all personnel can work at a safe distance from each other, without compromising efficiency and productivity.

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