Effortless and efficient reel handling

Safe and efficient reel handling can save both time and money in any business handling reels of various types. Our TAWI Lifting solutions offers various reel lifting devices for lifting, turning, transporting, and mounting reels in machines.

In industrial contexts, we find that raw and operating materials are often rolled up in production, such as packaging, plastic films, and fabrics. But reels are usually too heavy and too bulky for manual handling. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use reel lifters and handling equipment to relieve the physical burden on the employees and reduce the risk of injuries. 

Do you need ergonomic solutions for handling reels? 

We have a range of solutions for handling reels and rolls that can ensure an efficient workflow and ergonomic handling to make it a “one-person task” and highly reduce the risk of manual handling strains and injuries.

Our TAWI Lifting Trolleys are mobile and ergonomic lifters equipped with various tools for reel handling safely gripping reels from the core or the outside. This alternative to manual handling eliminates the risk of accidents and ill health.

TAWI coregripper tool for efficient reel handling is often mounted on our lifting trolleys, giving users freedom to move reels as far as they need. The coregripper is attached to a hoist for stationary reel lifting, ensuring efficient and ergonomic lifting. 



The coregripper tool efficiently grips reels from the core, safely lifting them and rotating them with a simple button push. Thanks to the electrical control, the operator can always stay behind the lifter, making reel handling safer and more efficient. Dropping a heavy reel could result in severe injury and damage to the reel material, but the risk of dropping the reel is completely eliminated with our electrical coregripper. 

This tool is easy to use, allowing anyone to handle bulky and heavy reels. One button push ensures safe grip and effortless manoeuvring of the reel, quickly rotating from vertical to horizontal. 

The lifter makes it easy to pick or place reels on high shelves, and it is also ideal for loading reels onto the machine axis. With a QuickLoad feature, you can also program the lifter to automatically stop at the exact right height where you need the reel.

TAWI’s reel lifters, along with roll handling equipment and lifting equipment, allow easy and careful handling of reels and rolls using just a few configurable lifting aids. 

Reel lifting equipment for easy packaging in the food industry

In this video, we see an effortless lifting of 80kg rolls at our customer the company Clarebout in Belgium. TAWI’s wire hoist is used to load rolls onto TAWI Lifting Trolleys which then transport the roll to the packaging machine where it is mounted effortlessly thanks to the lifting trolley.

This reel lifting trolley is available in stainless steel and is easy to keep clean.

Contact us more about our reel lifting equipment and potential customized solutions 


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