Lifting Trolley: 7 advantages of using trolleys for material handling

A lifting trolley come in many shapes and sizes and can be adapted to transport just about anything. In industrial and manufacturing facilities, a mobile electric lifting trolley is particularly useful. With a compact and lightweight design, they are easy to move around and use when space is limited. By using a lifting trolley, you can avoid many of the risky movements associated with manual handling.

Here are 7 important advantages of lifting trolleys in the most common areas of use.

1. Reduced fatigue and improved ergonomics

Manual handling is not only exhausting and lowers short-term productivity, but it also causes serious injuries due to poor ergonomics. With around 28 incidents per 10 000 full-time workers, a year and 12 work-days lost on average, overexertion and bodily reaction stand out as the main cause of lost workdays in the United States. An electric lifting trolley efficiently removes the demanding aspects of lifting from the equation, which enables a more ergonomic work environment. This, in turn, improves employee health and productivity.

2. Appropriate for many types of loads

An electric lifting trolley effectively removes the demanding elements of lifting from the equation, which enables a more ergonomic work environment. This, in turn, improves employee health and productivity.

By choosing the right tools for your electric lifting trolley, you can use them for various manual lifting tasks. Such as ergonomic lifting of boxes, drums, reels, crates, and many other common loads.

TAWI’s trolleys will also allow you to rotate, turn and tilt goods. This, of course, adds excellent flexibility when moving and lifting heavy things weighing up to 250 kg. There are several benefits of using a lifting trolley when handling heavy materials. Still, since they can lift heavy objects and transport them without any effort, it will eliminate many of the risks of manual handling.

3. Reduced risk of accidents and injury when using a lifting trolley

Using trolley lifting equipment dramatically reduces the risk of severe injuries from material handling accidents. Stretching for materials puts operators at an increased risk of injury. Hence, using a trolley that will help you get to items that are impossible to access with other types of lifting equipment, is a much safer alternative. So by using trolleys, you’ll improve ergonomics, which has positive long-term health effects.

Implementing specialized and safe tools to lift and move goods securely is one of the most effective ways to improve a company’s “days without accidents” score.

Lifting trolley used to transport heavy reels

4. Protection of transported goods

Manual handling often ends up damaging the goods being lifted and moved. This is obviously both inconvenient and costly but can be avoided. Instead, a trolley will securely lift and carry heavy and cumbersome goods, effectively avoiding procedures that risk damaging materials.

5. Increased productivity

From a business perspective, lifting trolleys tend to be an excellent investment. They will reduce cycle times and enhance productivity in almost any industrial or manufacturing setting. Alone or in combination with other handling equipment.

6. Hygienic benefits

Lifting trolleys can also be designed for safe material handling in facilities with strict sanitary requirements, such as food- or pharmaceutical processing. TAWI’s stainless-steel trolleys are built to be easy to clean and can even be washed down with high pressure.

7. Lifting trolleys outstanding movability and flexibility

The compact and lightweight design of a trolley are ideal for material handling in areas where space is limited. Especially compared to full-size lift trucks. They are also helpful where goods may be hard to reach. In addition, a trolley takes up very little space when not in use.


Lifting trolleys are ideal for ensuring excellent ergonomics and efficiency in situations where flexibility is essential. It is compact and lightweight compared to other tools with similar use cases and can be easily moved around when not in use.

If you’re looking for a trolley that can help your warehouses improve their overall ergonomics and workflow, TAWI’s lifting trolleys are a good choice. Their modular construction makes TAWI’s lifting trolleys exceptionally flexible, as they can be fitted with a wide selection of tools. Tools that allow operators to lift, lower, turn, tilt, rotate, and move goods with little to no physical effort. Easy operation means that anyone can use trolleys, which also enables flexibility in the workforce.

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