Man lifting large sheet of wood using vacuum lifter

Cost-effective stacking and palletizing

Sorting, stacking and palletizing are common wood working processes that benefits greatly from using well-planned lift systems.

Man stacking sheets of wood using vacuum lifter

Problem free and cost-effective palletizing

Palletizing sheets and boards often require the operator to tilt sheets between horizontal and vertical positions, a movement which is both difficult and strenuous if done without lifting aids. Investing in lifting tools designed to streamline this process can quickly become a source of increased productivity and reduced overall costs.

Stacking sheets effortlessly

Handling sheets of wood, plastic, metal or glass typically entails many lifts to and from pallets and machines. TAWI vacuum lifting solutions offer the possibility to tilt components of wood, metal and glass in a safe, efficient and ergonomic manner.

The easy to use design of the lifters puts the start-up time to a minimum and the operator will quickly learn to manoeuvre the lift without hesitation, making palletizing a problem free and cost-effective process.


Improved ergonomics and flexibility

Investing in ergonomic equipment for handling everything from sheets, boards, plywood and timber will not only significantly improve employee health, it will also give businesses a greater flexibility and resistance against sudden changes or unexpected staff absence.

Investing in the long-term health and satisfaction of your employees is the best business investment you can make. TAWI lifting devices are easily integrated into your operational flow and robustly built to be utilized for many years to come.

Stacking sheets using handheld vacuum lifter

Greater flexibility and resilience in your operations

With smart solutions for handling large and heavy material, any single employee could manage the heavy lifting without physical effort.

This enables the highest possible workforce flexibility and takes away the disadvantage of being dependent on one or a few individuals to perform certain heavy-labour tasks.

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