single girder crane system

Wood, steel & glass

In today’s demanding wood, steel and glass processing industries, companies must be fast, flexible, and dependable. The combination of heavy materials and sensitive surfaces requires a perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and adaptability.

Solutions for wood, steel and glass handling

Handling equipment for wood, steel and glass processing

Cost-effective stacking and palletizing

Sorting, stacking and palletizing are common wood working processes that benefit greatly from using well-planned lift systems. Lifting tools designed to streamline this process quickly becomes a source of increased productivity and reduced overall costs.

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single girder crane system
Heavy lifting of wood, metal & glass

Efficient and non-damaging handling of heavy loads can be achieved with lifting equipment adapted for your operational demands. Heavy lifting can be easy.

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Heavy lifting sheet metal
CNC loading

Using a lift system for handling loading and unloading of a CNC machine will bring noticeable and quick value to business operations.

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sheet gripper with tilting
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Ergonomic handling of wood, steel and glass

With TAWI’s ergonomic material handling solutions for wood, steel and glass you can achieve a faster, safer, and more flexible production and assembly process.

Increased speed, increased productivity

In today’s demanding wood, steel and glass processing industries, companies must be fast, flexible, and dependable. Constant streamlining and internal optimization helps companies stay strong and competitive. To help companies meet these demands – and to increase productivity and profit – TAWI offers a wide range of lifting devices for assisted handling of glass components, sheet metal, wood panels, and associated products. With this line of ergonomic lifting devices, your company can profit from increased efficiency and productivity and stay at the forefront of your industry.

A vacuum lifter from TAWI enables easier lifting of heavy and cumbersome boards or sheets, enabling fewer employees to manage more products safely, quickly, and ergonomically.

One size never fits all

TAWI knows that no two manufacturing or assembly processes are identical. The combination of extremely heavy materials and extremely sensitive surfaces requires a perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and adaptability. This means that the safe handling of heavy sheets of wood, glass or metal requires solutions as flexible as they are rigorous. TAWI’s flexible, component-based system covers all these facets and more.

In addition, the metal, glass and wood industries demand rapid cycle times, lower production costs, and a high level of energy efficiency. TAWI’s line of sheet lifting devices and accessories will cover you throughout the entire chain, adding value at every step.

More moving, less damage

Moving and managing heavy materials like wood panels and metal sheets often requires a great deal of strenuous and repetitive manual work. TAWI’s  material handling solutions allow accurate moving and positioning of even the largest and heaviest of materials accurately and ergonomically and remove the risk of injury or damage to the materials.

All TAWI lifters feature a sturdy, Scandinavian design and perfect for moving everything from heavy metal sheets to sensitive laminates and windows.

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