man using vacuum lifting trolley in starting point in production for the materials coming from a warehouse and entering the area of ​​work.

Pharmaceutical processing

Ensure safe manual handling and reduce processing time in cleanroom areas. With TAWI equipment you can reduce production cost and improve employee safety while avoiding risk of contamination.

lifting drums with vacuum lifter in cleanroom environment

Safe handling in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is a sensitive process, including the delicate handling of APIs and raw material that must not be contaminated in any way. To maintain a safe environment, production processes often take place in protected cleanroom facilities. Cleanrooms are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates, such as dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles. Every piece of equipment used inside the cleanroom must be designed to generate minimal air contamination and be very easy to clean.

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To optimise pharmaceutical processing and relieve workers from heavy and repetitive manual handling, TAWI offers several tools designed for use in cleanroom environment. Our assortment includes lifting trolleys that can both lift and transport most types of goods, including sacks, reels and drums. We also provide a wide selection of vacuum lifting tools specifically designed for use in cleanrooms. All tools are made from stainless steel and designed for easy cleaning.

With TAWI tools, staff can easily move heavy and ungainly sacks, lift them without physical effort, and empty them into a mixer in a safe and ergonomic manner. Drums can be picked up, moved, lifted and turned or tilted as far as needed, without any physical strain on processing staff. To ensure optimal cleanliness, we recommend mounting our vacuum lifting tools in a stainless steel TAWI crane system customized for your facilities. TAWI also supplies complete lifting systems for explosion-hazardous areas.

handling drum in cleanroom with lifting trolley

Tools made for your process

TAWI has been providing safe and ergonomic handling equipment to pharmaceutical industry clients for decades. We have an in-depth understanding of the processing that takes place in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and we have developed our handling tools to meet the needs of pharmaceutical industry clients. We commonly customize solutions for very specific processes, to make sure every client is equipped with the best tool to optimize their processes and performance, without compromising their rigid safety requirements.

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